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Question: Where to Buy Driftwood Online?

Topic: I am setting up an aquarium and want some driftwood. I’ve looked around at this river by my house but can’t seem to find any good pieces. Where can I buy some driftwood for sale from a wholesale company? I want to pick out a really cool piece. I need some help here from experienced individuals who have been down this road before. Thanks for your help.

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Posted by Megan V:
Certain rivers and different locations are much better than others for driftwood. I’ve never had good luck finding nice pieces either so don’t feel bad. What I do is jump on and look at the wholesales that specialize in selling driftwood and that’s all they do. They are pretty cheap too. I think the most I’ve ever spent was around $30 for a piece but you have to remember that the shipping will be more money the bigger your piece is.

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Just get online and start looking for companies that sell pieces. I have had good luck on eBay too. I like eBay because I can see that the seller has a long history record of having a goo sales record and that shipping is fast. You can also go visit craigslist and buy stuff that is used. I’ve had great luck with used equipment but it’s all about timing and finding the good deals. Hopefully that helps give you an idea of what you can do. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Posted by Kelsey Erickson:
You should go to your local fish shop too because they are going to be selling a lot of that kind of stuff. Depending on how big your city is and how many different fish shops you having your local area may depend on the price you will pay. The city that I live in only has one local fish shop and they charge a lot of money for things like pieces of driftwood so I don’t have to buy from them but if I drive down to the cities and my state there are lots of better deals. I usually try to make a road trip out of it and buy all my needed supplies every couple of months when I make one stop down there.

Posted by Nathan K:
If you do a little research on finding your own pieces of driftwood you can make a lot of things happen and even sell them on craigslist because I used to do it. There are actually a lot of uses for Driftwood because people in the fishing sportsman niche also utilize them when they mount of fish with taxidermy. So if a person can get pretty good at finding going pieces he will do pretty well.

Posted by Danny E:
Yeah but he already stated that he was unable to find some driftwood and near his river bottoms so he’s already stated that. Not all of us live near a really good river where lots of deep pieces float up and sit inside on the shoreline. I think the big key factor here is the river has to be large enough for that it would flood because that’s where you find the really good pieces.

Posted by Aaron N:
That is completely right if you can find an area where the river has flooded within the last couple of months there’s going to be an extraordinary amount usually. My uncle used to do taxidermy and when I was a young boy on weekends we used to go and look for pieces and we had a lot of luck. Once you find a knack for figuring out which areas that flooded and pieces lay on the shoreline you will have a lot better of luck.

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