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My Driftwood Only Floats? How to Sink It…

Topic: I have a 55 gal fish aquarium and I found a nice piece of driftwood by the river near my house. I rinsed the piece off and put it in my tank but the driftwood floats and I need to get it to sink to the bottom. It’s used as a decoration and only cosmetic to the fish tank. I need some help on getting the piece to sink underwater. Anyone been down this road before? I need your help please.

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Posted by Chris W:
There a couple of ways to make your driftwood sink. The most common way is the use a piece of slate that is flat and heavy. Then drill a hole through the middle and put a stainless steel screw through the piece and into the driftwood. Think of the flat rock as just working as an anchor. This also forces the piece of driftwood to stand in whatever position you desire when putting the screw into it to hold it. A lot of people go to their local tile and flooring shop to find a piece of slate tile. They are really cheap that way.

driftwood in aquarium

Another way to get the piece to sink is to use a tiny drill bit and put some holes into spots where you think the piece is holding air. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where that is but other times it easy to see. Depending on your piece of driftwood, this may not work. And the bad side of this method is the fact that your putting small holes into your nice piece of decoration. A lot of knew a chunk of driftwood will have a socket where it is holding air and that really makes it hard to sink.

The third method that I know of is to find holes in the piece of wood and shove marbles into them. If you get a couple marbles in the holes, then it really helps to put some weight on the piece. If you know the the piece is going to face a certain way in your fish tank.. then you can put the marbles on the back side or where nobody will see them. This method works great because it doesn’t take much weight to really weigh down something in water.

Hopefully that helps some. What some people do is just let the driftwood float in their tank for a couple of days. The wood will absorb the moisture most likely and just sink eventually. Some pieces are a lot more stubborn than others though let me tell you! I had a really thick piece a couple years back and it floated in my big tank for almost 3 months and then one day it went down. Haha.

Posted by Danielle U:
I had the same problems with a bunch of decorations that I found by the river near my house. For the life of me they just one sink to the bottom and it took weeks for them to sit in my tank and float and my husband just told me that eventually he thought they were just sink and it turns out I had to do a little research because they needed a little help because they just wouldn’t do it on their own.

Posted by Andrew J:
I have had a lot of good luck using the piece of slate and it works really well if you put it on the bottom of the aquarium before you put the gravel. And then if you can cover the rock with some gravel it looks really cool and it lays really flat and you can add a lot of value just with that piece of rock too. You have to make sure to use stainless steel screws though because I’ve heard a lot of people using different screws and because they’re submerged in water they deteriorate really quickly and even get into the water parameters.

Posted by Vicky E:
I’m having the same issue here and I bought a piece online and it still isn’t sinking even though they promised me what but I want to keep it. It’s kind of stupid to me when you buy something from the seller online and they promise you that something is going to happen with the product and it doesn’t. I did not leave bad feedback because I understand the small variable like this that maybe they just couldn’t figure it out and I really like the design of this actual piece.

Posted by Jackie Nelson:
I used a tiny drillbit and put in some holes through the middle of it wearing there probably be in airgap it worked out really well. I got to say though that using a small drillbit if your tank doesn’t have or if the tank is going to have a 360° cosmetic to it I would not use that because I could turn the holes to the back of the tank and you couldn’t see them.

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