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Painting on a Flat Sheet of Driftwood

“Found this cool sheet of driftwood that someone painted a picture on. It’s really cool because you can still see that it was on an actual sheet of river wood. The fact that someone took the time to paint a really detailed painting like this on there.. blows me away. What I would give to have this hanging in my living room. I figured you guys would love sharing this so I sent it over. Anyone have any ideas how someone could do this themselves? DIY?”

Painting on Driftwood

What do you think?

Posted by Sharon B:
This is really cool and all but I’m to the point where I know I can’t draw anything cool like this. I was maybe thinking about having my sister drop a piece on here and painted because she’s a lot more artistic than I am but I really do like this idea and the second issue that comes to mind is where I’m going to find a piece that looks exactly like this in a flat section.

Posted by Sarah V:
This is a really cool idea and especially if you’re going to leave a sectionals of the wood open to see you can actually see the one itself. I do have to agree with the other comments that not all of us are able to paint is good as this but maybe we could use a more simple drawing.

Posted by Haley N:
This is a really cool craft idea and I enjoyed looking at it but I wish I had it. It seems like some of the stuff becomes viral because of the pictures are so cool and there’s only one of these that are probably existing in the world and it’s funny because we don’t want this one. I’ve been really into these type of crafts lately and if it involves anything like this I will probably love it so if you have anything similar you should definitely share it because I’m following this section of the feed.

Posted by Brandy K:
This would be the perfect piece for our cabin because we have a lot of the same color combinations and this would absolutely match it perfectly. Does anybody have any links on how to do this yourself or if I absolutely have to I guess I can purchase it but am I would love to see a tutorial on how to do something like this and possibly the same exact artwork to on the piece.

Reply from Haley N:
Like the other women have stated I think this is a one time only take the detail and it’s not being mass-produced or anything. For we all know a lady that 70 years old could’ve painted this in the middle of Alaska and there’s only one of them in the world or maybe she’s doing more things like this or companies doing this type of thing who knows.

Posted by Kevin T:
I think just finding a piece of wood that is on a river that’s somewhat flat like that is pretty tough because I look for the stuff as a hobby want to walk when I go fishing and it’s tough to come by. Even as a guy I would have to admit that this is a pretty cool idea here and I wouldn’t mind having it in the walk-in near my house because we live on the beach. Artwork like this is really tough to come by just because someone has to have some good creativity to be able to paint that onto the wood.

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