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Boiling Large Pieces of Driftwood? How..

Topic: I want to get some very large pieces of driftwood for my bigger fish tanks. The only thing holding me back is the fact of needing to boil them so I can kill bacteria on the wood and also release tannins out of the wood so my water doesn’t get all murky in my aquarium. How do I accomplish this?

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Posted by Kathy Matheson:
You are completely right about everything you said. There are two different ways to do this. First, you can buy a metal drum that is large enough to hold your pieces of wood. Fill this drum with water and put it near a fire pit until the water comes to a boil and that should do it. Buy the metal can from your local home improvement store. You will have a little money invested in the can but you can do multiple pieces of wood for your other tanks then too.

boiling driftwood barrel

The other route is to put the piece of wood in your bath tub and to poor boiling water over the wood. You can also soak the wood in the tub for a whole and this will help too. Again… this method isn’t as good as the first method but it still works better than not cleaning the wood at all. Don’t forget you can always buy a piece from places online pretty cheap that promise to have all tannins released already. Some are more expensive than others but you can still find descent deals out there available.

Posted by Jason M:
Ive had pretty good luck just soaking the different pieces in my bathtub and making sure that the water is from the faucet because I live in the city. There is little amounts of chlorine in the city water that help clean some of the bacteria on the wood. You can also do is boil pots of water and pour it on the billboard in the bathtub and even though it’s not soaking in boiling water is still better than nothing at all.

Posted by Natalie M:
To be quite honest all it ever done is taking a pressure washer to my pieces of driftwood and just letting them have it with a lot of pressure. The skinnier the pieces of driftwood I found the last that is going to make a water turn that murky yellow color. So maybe if you have a smaller tank you should just stick to some of that skinnier stuff instead of the large stumps because there’s More wood volume and there’s more sediments and such in the wood embedded.

Posted by Kevin Sura:
Yeah if you have someone of a small aquarium you can get by with just using a smaller piece and it’s not a big deal as it would be with a larger tank with a huge piece inside of it. If you have certain types of catfish it’s really beneficial for them to be able to suck on those pieces of wood remember so it’s good to have some in your tank matter what even if it’s a small amount.

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