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Displaying beautiful driftwood in lots of different shapes and forms. We have split up this site into different sections.


Finding Driftwood on Your Own “Do It Yourself”

There are tons of reasons to go find your own driftwood pieces so don’t feel like your the only one. I have even gone and found hundreds of pieces and posted them online for sale with great luck. I had almost no money involved and people bought the pieces from me. Maybe it’s for craft artwork, reptile cages, fish aquariums, fishing poles, furniture and more. I have found that if you don’t know anything about finding driftwood… you wont have great luck finding it. There are some tricks to finding this stuff! Read this article found here for a good guide.

Where to Buy Driftwood Pieces for Sale?

It’s pretty common for people to go out and look for driftwood on their own and have NO LUCK finding good pieces. This is because certain areas of rivers are better than others and there are a lot of factors that come into play. Long story short, you can buy driftwood from wholesale companies and “do it yourself” people that sell them. This thread found here is completely devoted to buying pieces online and even buying pieces used to save some money.

Artwork & Crafts Section

There is no denying the beauty of driftwood as a piece of art. Every individual piece is unique in it’s own way and no two pieces are the same. This section is devoted to awesome artwork made of driftwood. There is also a HUGE community devoted to making crafts and “do it yourself” projects made of driftwood.

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Reptile & Lizard Tanks Need Driftwood

This stuff works great for decorating and making an ecosystem for your reptile. There is a lot of argument around the fact of what wood is fine for you to use for reptiles but the truth is if you clean it properly, almost all types are fine. Take a look at our section devoted to reptiles found here. Common questions like.. what types of wood are fine to use, how to sanitize the wood itself for reptiles, what pieces are better than others, do snakes need wood and so forth.

Aquarium & Fish Tanks

One of the best ways to add some cosmetic value to a fish tank is to add a UNIQUE driftwood piece. A lot of times the piece of wood even adds some value to the fish tank setup. You can raise your water PH levels if needed or possibly just add that “wooded” vegetation some catfish species need. There are multiple reasons to have a piece in your fish tank. In our community here, we try not to stress where to “buy” your next piece but instead educate you on the matters of adding a piece to your aquarium. You can visit our guide here.